#socialmoola! - How it works (Earning & Spending)

How to earn #socialmoola!

There are two primary ways of earning #socialmoola! REFERRAL or PURCHASE; with multiples of touch points to ensure we reward you at every point.


  • Direct Signup (Including your sign-up) – #socialmoola! earned by entering name and email address, assuming they have not been referred to the campaign by someone else.
  • Referred Signup – Amount of #socialmoola! that you earn once they enter their email address IF they have been referred to the campaign by someone else.
  • Referred Lead – #socialmoola! earned when someone signs up through their referred link

Social Interaction / Share

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Earning #socialmoola!


Purchases made on cantomart.co.za are rewarded with #socialmoola!

You will earn more as you go up the different #socialmoola! levels

  • BRONZE – you earn 1 #socialmoola for R1 Spent
  • SILVER – you earn 1.2#socialmoola for R1 Spent
  • GOLD – you earn 1.75 #socialmoola for R1 Spent
  • VIP - you earn 2 #socialmoola! For R1 Spent


Every FRIDAY, your Referral #socialmoola! & purchases #socialmoola!are combined to cummulatively give you enough to spend on any item!


How to redeem your #socialmoola!

Referral #socialmoola!

  • As you accumulate #socialmoola through referrals and sharing, our system will generate discount vouchers that will be sent to you with discounts varying from 25% (Bronze) to 100% (VIP).
  • You can use these discount coupons at any point throughout the campaigns

Purchase #socialmoola!

  • Use your #socialmoola! any time and redeem it against any purchase from our store! Once logged in, you will be able to track your #socialmoola! at every point.
  • Every week on a FRIDAY, the referral #socialmoola! is combined with the purchase #socialmoola! and you get your cumulative total #socialmoola! available for you to spend.


It's that simple!


Questions? Send us an email at support@cantomart.co.za



Welcome to #socialmoola! from cantomart.co.za

#socialmoola! - Unlock your social capital! #socialmoola! is a new way of earning and spending on cantomart.co.za through sharing or purchases of online products. Accumulate points as you share, recommend or purchase products online and use your #socialmoola! on any item in our store. The higher your levels, the better the earnings! Move from Bronze, Silver, Gold to VIP to earn as much as 75% more #socialmoola! when you spend on our store.

Earning and redeeming #socialmoolas!

R 1
Earns you
R 1
Redeems to

Ways you can earn

  • Product Purchase
  • Register an account
  • Refer a friend
  • Share on social media

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