Unlock your social capital!

Earn #socialmoola through sharing, purchases or referrals to our store.

Spend the points on any item in the store.

Earn #socialmoola in 3 easy ways!


Share across social media, your emaill, WhatsApp and earn #sociamoola!


Any purchases in cantomart.co.za will earn you #socialmoola and set you a level higher.


Get your own link for referrals, and every signup earns you #socialmoola!

How does #socialmoola! Loyalty program work?

Simple. You EARN #socialmoola! through Referral & Purchases

You SPEND #socialmoola! on any item in our store!




Bronze Membership

  • Upto 500#socialmoola!
  • 25% OFF - Referral Discount *
  • R1 spend = 1 #socialmoola!


Silver Membership

  • Upto 1000#socialmoola!
  • 50% OFF - Referral Discount *
  • R1 spend = 1.2 #socialmoola!


Gold Membership

  • Upto 2000#socialmoola!
  • 75% OFF - Referral Discount *
  • R1 spend = 1.5 #socialmoola!


  • Upto 4000#socialmoola!
  • 100% OFF - Referral Discount *
  • R1 spend = 2 #socialmoola!

* - Referral discount is for participating brands and products. Referral discount coupons are forwarded to your email directly at every level (500, 1000, 2000, 4000) and can only be claimed for the specific product, product or item under promotion. #socialmoola! earned with referral campaigns is added to your total #socialmoola every week and available for your spend at cantomart.co.za

Basic #socialmoola Guidelines (T&Cs)

  • Each user is tracked via their email and IP Address. Multiple email entries from the same IP Address will raise an alarm and fraud suspicion and is highly discouraged.
  • Only One user can claim a prize at a time. Users are tracked with their email and IP address.
  • Only One Address can receive a prize. We will not same multiple items to same address
  • Once you have unlocked the item, you will be directed to our Website and provided with a Coupon for unlocking the free item.
  • Sending the item will be through preferred courier of choice. Delivery can only be guaranteed by the courier and not by Cantomart.co.za, Cantobiz Lighthouse or Affiliated companies.
  • Discount Coupons offered to unlock the product or service are only valid 14 days after the closure of the promotion. Thereafter they will expire and are not eligible for use in our store.
  • Points are earned and redeemable by the email address on account only.
  • Rewards for purchase online will be available to registered customers only. Registering is easy and quick on your way to check-out.
  • Unless otherwise stated and for selected promotional and FREE items, points earned or redeemed do not apply to tax or shipping.
  • Points are non-transferable to other members, relatives or friends. They are strictly for your use based on registered and valid email address.
  • Points may only be redeemed for purchases and have no cash value.
  • Points are accumulated by current purchases, social shares and activities that are clearly outlined on cantomart.co.za only.
  • #socialmoola Points accumulated and not used within a year (365 days) from the date of earnings will expire.
  • We hold the right to cancel an account at any time.

Still a bit confused?

Checkout our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page.


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