Scholl GelActiv™ Sport Female Insoles

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Don’t let foot pain ruin your game! Scholl GelActiv™ Sport insoles for women are made to support your feet while you’re out running or playing your favourite sport. The insoles work hard to reduce the impact on your feet so you can play more, and play safely!


  • Gel technology: soften the blow to your feet with GelActiv™ technology designed for the ultimate cushioning effect
  • Strong arch support: give your heels, knees and ankles the support they need when you’re being active
  • Designed for comfort: the shape is designed to fit into your athletic shoes and stay in place all day
  • Get your ideal fit: if the insoles are a little large for your shoes and feet, you can trim them without compromising on the quality
  • Reusable: you can keep using your insoles for up to 6 months or until they wear down


Instructions for Use

Trim to fit if necessary by cutting along the outline that matches your shoe size or use the shoe’s original insole as a guide.

Remove the existing insole in your shoe and replace it with your new one, gel side down.

Replace the insoles when they show signs of wear or every 6 months.


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