Scholl GelActiv™ Work Male Insoles

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If you are working hard all day, so are your feet. The shock absorbing technology in Scholl GelActiv™ Work Male insoles help to reduce the foot pressure and pain you experience after a long day at work. Hard floors and unforgiving work boots will no longer be a problem. 


  • GelActiv™ Technology: enjoy superior support and shock absorption with Scholl’s unique GelActiv™ formula
  • Reduce pressure: every step in your insoles will be supported by the cushion-like design and reduce pain during and after work
  • Stays in place: once you’ve inserted them correctly, your Scholl GelActiv™ Work insoles won’t move around in your shoes
  • Reusable: you can keep using the same pair of insoles until they’ve worn down or for up to 6 months
  • Dynamic design: the insoles can fit into your work boots, formal shoes or trainers and you can even trim them to size if they’re a bit big for your shoes


Instructions for Use

Trim to fit if necessary by cutting along the outline that matches your shoe size or use the shoe’s original insole as a guide.

Remove the existing insole in your shoe and replace it with your new one, gel side down.

Replace the insoles when they show signs of wear or every 6 months.


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